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Re: 1.5.24: sshd immediately disconnects upon receiving a connection

> OK.  The way you're running it, though, means that the user that you log
> in as must be the same user as is running 'sshd'.  Are you using password
> or pubkey authentication?  Your better off with password in this case.

Correct. So after ssh-user-config didn't work, I removed the .ssh directory
in my homedir to erase the keys it created. So I am using password
authenticaiton, but it never gets far enough to ask me for a password of

Should I remove the keys that ssh-host-config installed too for kicks?
Maybe I'll try that although I'm not sure what it'll accomplish, other than
sshd to recreate them when it starts up again.

> Any way you can work with the system directly, rather than through the
> terminal server?  It might help eliminate a variable.
> Setting up sshd on a TS here (and sshing to localhost from the TS) worked
> OK
> for me but in my case, I don't have the choice of running sshd as a
> service
> or using privilege separation because my user on the TS is not
> ;-)
> In actuality, it sounds like this is indeed a socket problem.  Any chance
> you have some other anti-virus/anti-spyware/firewall on this system?

Well I have been doing this all from RDP (TS) and we do have an antivirus
program (nod32) and another firewall program installed. I've disabled both
of these as well and still had the problem but just in case there were any
weird processes still running covertly, I tried booting into Safe Mode with
Networking and working from the console (instead of RDP). Sadly, it still
had the exact same problem. 

Maybe I'll try reinstalling Cygwin fully from Safe Mode with networking
although again, I'm not sure how much it'll help....but willing to try just
about anything at this point. 

Thanks, I Appreciate your continuing help.

Jeremy K. Truax

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