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Re: Cygwin install hangs at end every time

Joel Braverman wrote:
I first encountered this problem months ago while trying to add the xwindows
packages to my cygwin isntall - the installer would hang in the middle. I
deleted all the cygwin files a few days ago and tried again, with the same
problem. It doesn't matter which host I pick to download from, the result is the
same. So I tried again - deleted the cygwin directory and this time I just
installed the basic package. At the end, it hangs up, never creates any icons or
batch file from which to launch cygwin. I'm using the latest setup.exe from


Might be one of the post-install scripts failing. What I have done is to:

Go to:


Look for scripts that don't look like *.sh.done; rather
they look like *.sh.  Create a directory '_Save.joel'.
The extension is to remind you that you and not
'setup.exe' or some Cygwin script created it. The '_'
is to ensure that 'ls' lists it at the top (reducing
the chances you will forget about it). Move the first
(alphabetically) non-'.done' script into the directory.
Try running setup.exe again, ... If you have to,
reinstall all (some? one?) the apps after
(alphabetically) the one(s) you moved into '_Save.joel'.

Three apps that I and others have had problems with are:

* gnuplot
* grepmail
* postinstall-ec-fonts-mftraced

This may not be the official or even a very good way to
solve this problem. All I know is it worked for me, when
nothing else did, and when all other advice went over
my head.

Are you running Vista? These kinds of problems seem to
be more common with Vista, at least in my experience.


I'm curious as to why there is a "postinstall" script that can
fail and setup does not recognize there is something
amiss with the install.

Good luck,


Lee D. Rothstein

Living in the first in the nation primary state;
Which at this point has some of the most relieved citizens in the nation,
Regardless of party or candidate affiliation.
The Primary is over.

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