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Re: using rsync with Win32/UNC pathnames?

Corinna Vinschen schrieb:
On Apr 11 18:04, Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
Corinna Vinschen schrieb:
utf-8 is supposed to be able to convert all wide chars to a multibyte
sequence.  If it's *not* the above server-side problem, we would need a
simple, self-contained, reproducible testcase, preferrably in plain C.
Is a file in an archive enough?

It looks like it looses the special character in tar or zip, but 7zip can store it just fine.

What 7zip? Native or Cygwin?

I used native 7zip to store the file and copy it to another machine.
It is also possible to copy such a file to another machine using Windows Neighbourhood.

Better:  Create a shell script which creates the file which makes
trouble and send the script.

Shortcut:  Tell me what the actual filename is.  I can switch to the
german keyboard layout if necessary.

I've no idea how to create a file with such name.
I'm doing backups with rsync (sort of) and I was checking which files are not copied - this was one of user files.

Mind that I use a German language Windows version - if the above doesn't work for you, I can give you remote access if you want.

Sorry, but, no. I will very certainly not do remote debugging.

Btw., why don't you debug this?  Strace, gdb, and the sysinternal
tools are all free as in beer.  As a start and as long as there's only
one file in the test dir, you could also send the strace output of `ls
test' as attachment to this list.  This might help already.

I didn't even think of debugging this.

You can find a "ls -l" strace on

stderr said:

ls: cannot access 1!.doc: No such file or directory

Tomasz Chmielewski

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