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Re: Distribution of cygwin (free and commercial)

Hans Kaiser wrote:
Hello all,

I have read the "FAQ suggestion", and I wanted to open a new thread about
the possible distribution of cygwin. (I cannot access the old thread)

Before I start, I want you to check what happened to Eclipse, KDE, Gnome,
7-zip and so on. Really many, many people are using the software because it
is freely available and distributable!
If you are afraid of commercial distributions, restrict a commercial
distribution in the license.

Anyway I think it should be technically possible to give cygwin some start
parameters there you could easily switch between different locations. (e.g.
a parameter with a different registry-root or some parameters with the
needed mount-points.) Have I got it?

No, not at all. There's been oodles of talk about this in the email archives, if you're interested in looking for all the details. But let's just leave this thread with saying that while you can create a system on which two (or more) cygwin1.dlls exist and run simultaneously, this is a fragile environment since you've created two (or more) completely distinct environments that won't play together well. That's not our goal. We don't want to go there. That's why we don't. That's why we hate when this subject comes up. It would be a nightmare for all involved. We hate nightmares!

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