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Re: Distribution of cygwin (free and commercial)

On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 07:20:47PM +0200, Hans Kaiser wrote:
>Hello all,
>I have read the "FAQ suggestion", and I wanted to open a new thread about
>the possible distribution of cygwin. (I cannot access the old thread)
>Before I start, I want you to check what happened to Eclipse, KDE, Gnome,
>7-zip and so on. Really many, many people are using the software because it
>is freely available and distributable!
>If you are afraid of commercial distributions, restrict a commercial
>distribution in the license.
>Anyway I think it should be technically possible to give cygwin some start
>parameters there you could easily switch between different locations. (e.g.
>a parameter with a different registry-root or some parameters with the
>needed mount-points.) Have I got it?

I think you need to do some research on what "Cygwin" means.  What would
you be giving these parameters to?  You don't give parameters to a dll
and you don't give parameters to a distribution.  If you mean give
parameters to the .bat file which starts a shell, then, yes, that's
feasible but I don't see how it would solve much.


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