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Re: setup.exe needs package name selection filter

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According to Mark J. Reed on 6/20/2008 6:23 AM:
| Is there a ticketing/tracking system for Cygwin where one can submit
| feature requests?  I think having it documented in the system as
| something more than someone's wishful email would be helpful.

The mailing list archives are as good as anything else.  You're forgetting
something fundamental - this is a volunteer process, so unless someone
volunteers to expend the resources to maintain a request tracking system,
it won't be any more effective than list traffic.

| As far as improvements to setup.exe, I think the Cygwin team could
| potentially save a lot of effort in the long term by porting and
| adopting one of the Linux package managers in its place - apt or yum
| or whatever.

Read the archives.  This has been repeatedly suggested, but no one has yet
proposed how to solve the chicken-and-egg problem of how you get apt or
yum first installed (how do you install cygwin1.dll with a program that
depends on the existence of cygwin1.dll?).  The reason setup.exe is the
preferred installation program at the moment is because it is the only
non-vaporware program that actually does the job of installing cygwin1.dll
without depending on cygwin1.dll.  All the talk in the world won't change
that, and since no one has contributed code otherwise, it obviously
doesn't bother anyone enough to be worth changing.  Yes, in the open
source community, patches speak louder than words.

And one thing I've noticed is the fact that every time someone brings up
this philosophy with the intent to complain about it, they are neglecting
one other fact about open source - you get what you pay for.  If you don't
like the current behavior, but can't write the patch yourself, you are
free to hire someone else to write the patch.  With enough $$, you can
probably find someone willing to spend the time to help you get your
feature added.

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