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Re: Error starting sshd: "Win32 error 1069"

2008/6/22 Gordon Messmer <>:
> I'm having trouble starting sshd on a host running Windows Server 2003, SP1.
>  It was working several days ago, and then stopped for no reason that I can
> determine.
> I tried starting the service by hand, and got:
> $ cygrunsrv.exe -S sshd
> cygrunsrv: Error starting a service: QueryServiceStatus: Win32 error 1062:
> The service has not been started.

Did you try:
net helpmsg 1069

This will tell you: The service did not start due to a logon failure.

It may be that the sshd service account password is wrong - or more
likely - the password has expired.  Have a look in the security log of
the machine, and you should see a failure audit.

Check in lusrmgr.msc for the sshd user account and check that the
password is set to never expire, and that it hasn't been
disabled/locked out.

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do not cease to be insipid." - Nietzsche

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