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Re: Running fontforge.exe does nothing


Thanks for your quick and helpful response. As you requested, I'll keep this discussion on the list.

I'm having trouble using setup.exe. It seems to want to download all sorts of software I'm not interested in by default. Example: ghostscript, which I already have installed under Windows.

I can't find any way to install only the libpng12 and libxml2 packages without having to expand then check and uncheck hundreds of individual entries.

Is there a shortcut way of setting all the checkboxes to "don't download", so I can just download these two packages?

(I won't waste space including your message of June 24, 2008 1:40 PM, since it's in the archive. Why does cygwin use the mailing list approach, instead of an online forum? Seems awkward, since we have to receive all messages instead of subscribing to or browsing the categories or threads in which we are interested.)


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