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RE: Running fontforge.exe does nothing

David Spector wrote on 25 June 2008 00:37:

> I'm having trouble using setup.exe. It seems to want
> to download all sorts of software I'm not interested
> in by default. Example: ghostscript, which I already
> have installed under Windows.
> I can't find any way to install only the libpng12 and
> libxml2 packages without having to expand then check
> and uncheck hundreds of individual entries.
> Is there a shortcut way of setting all the checkboxes
> to "don't download", so I can just download these two
> packages?

  Yep: see the radio buttons at the top of the package chooser?  Click

> (I won't waste space including your message of June
> 24, 2008 1:40 PM, since it's in the archive. Why does
> cygwin use the mailing list approach, instead of an
> online forum? Seems awkward, since we have to receive
> all messages instead of subscribing to or browsing the
> categories or threads in which we are interested.)

  Lack of demand, really.  There's always gmane and nabble for those who
want an alternative interface.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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