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some setup problems

I have found the following bugs all this evening (despite years of not seeing them :) )

Attempting to install Cygwin to the root of a drive causes setup to silently exit.
I figured a stack overflow, but I tried running under a debugger and it doesn't occur there.
Hm. It occurs on a "clean" install, but not generally otherwise.
I'll try again under a debugger.

I know this isn't recommended.
But I get tired of constantly translating paths between Cygwin and Windows.
Windows accepts forward slashes often.
Therefore, if you install to the root, and you have just one drive letter,
no translation is needed.

I had been using junctions to workaround but wasn't entirely satisfactory.
Due to the crash, well, I'm using junctions again, but differently.

D:\cygwin>for /d %a in (*) do junction %a

D:\cygwin\bin: JUNCTION
   Substitute Name: D:\bin

D:\cygwin\etc: JUNCTION
   Substitute Name: D:\etc

D:\cygwin\lib: JUNCTION
   Substitute Name: D:\lib

D:\cygwin\tmp: JUNCTION
   Substitute Name: D:\tmp

D:\cygwin\usr: JUNCTION
   Substitute Name: D:\usr

D:\cygwin\var: JUNCTION
   Substitute Name: D:\var

I do use /bin, but I will avoid clash.
Nothing else I have seen in many years uses /usr, /etc, /var, to these are safe.
I have long used \dev2 instead of \dev due to that unfortunate use.

Clicking on bash in setup causes setup to crash (unhandled exception).
I know this isn't useful -- I can't not install bash.
But it shouldn't crash setup.

I have a "bunch" of packages locally.
I select "install from local directory".
I click "all" to change it to "install".
Yet still I am told one of the packages I am installing requires gcc-obj, do I want to
install it? Given that I selected "install" on the "all" node, this shouldn't happen.

Running it under a debugger shows a debugprint as to why:

: 1 Removing empty category KDELOG: 1 Removing empty category MailLOG: 1 Removin
g empty category MingwLOG: 1 Removing empty category PublishingLOG: 1 Removing e
mpty category SecurityLOG: 1 Removing empty category X11LOG: 2 Warning, the defa
ult trust level for package  does not meet this specification gcc-objcLOG: 2 War
ning, the default trust level for package  does not meet this specification gcc-

4) Somehow my package directory defaulted to d:\ instead of d:\net\cygwin once.
I clicked next by accident.
There is no way in the gui to cancel the big directory walk -- have to kill setup.
Could be due to running under a debugger?

 - Jay

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