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Re: perl-5.10.0-4 -> perl-5.10.0-5 site_perl update needed

2008/7/12 Yaakov (Cygwin Ports):
> Reini Urban wrote:
> | The p5p statement was that it is legal to ADD functions, and it is
> | illegal to REMOVE functions during the 5.10 cycle.
> | So it's not comparable to the 5.8 case, where structs were changed.
> OK, that makes sense.

Such CPAN site incompatibilities are so common, there there exists
even a simplier solution for this:

perl -MCPAN -e'recompile'

Quoting perldoc /usr/lib/perl5/5.10/

 recompile() is a very special command in that it takes no argument and
       runs the make/test/install cycle with brute force over all installed
       dynamically loadable extensions (aka XS modules) with 'force' in
       effect. The primary purpose of this command is to finish a network
       installation. Imagine, you have a common source tree for two different
       architectures. You decide to do a completely independent fresh
       installation. You start on one architecture with the help of a Bundle
       file produced earlier. CPAN installs the whole Bundle for you, but when
       you try to repeat the job on the second architecture, CPAN responds
       with a "Foo up to date" message for all modules. So you invoke CPAN's
       recompile on the second architecture and you're done.

       Another popular use for "recompile" is to act as a rescue in case your
       perl breaks binary compatibility. If one of the modules that CPAN uses
       is in turn depending on binary compatibility (so you cannot run CPAN
       commands), then you should try the CPAN::Nox module for recovery.

> | So breakage only occurs if a new XS library (here DateTime::Locale)
> | calls an old XS library (here Params::Validate) without this new function.
> | This would have happened with 5.10.1 also.
> I did notice that a gtk2-perl program did run after the upgrade to -5.
> So how can I detect if an XS module needs to rebuilt or not?

Hmm, I would like to know that also.
So far I only saw the Params::Validate problem with DateTime-Locale.

It could be any of these current issues, but most have different failures.

test FAIL ack-1.84  (permission problem)
test FAIL PAR-Packer-0.980
test FAIL Archive-Rar-2.02
test FAIL Class-MOP-0.62
test FAIL DateTime-Locale-0.4001 - old Params::Validate in site
test FAIL Devel-Tokenizer-C-0.07
test FAIL Devel-TypeCheck-1.2
test FAIL GraphViz-2.03
test FAIL Log-Dispatch-2.21
test FAIL Log-Log4perl-1.16
test FAIL Log-Report-0.18
test FAIL MP3-Find-0.03
test FAIL Net-Daemon-0.43
test FAIL Perl-Critic-1.088
test FAIL Text-RecordParser-v1.2.1
test FAIL Readonly-XS-1.04   - This looks suspect also
test FAIL PerlIO-gzip-0.18

$ for p in $(egrep "test FAIL.*perl-5.10.0 patch 34065" reports-sent.db |\
  perl -ane'print $F[2],"\n"'); do grep "test PASS $p" reports-sent.db; done

only gives me:

test PASS DateTime-Locale-0.4001 (perl-5.10.0 patch 34065)
cygwin-thread-multi-64int 1.5.25(0.15642)

So the recompile of all my binary site XS modules only fixed the
DateTime-Locale-0.4001 issue.
Reini Urban

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