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Re: un-indenting doesn't work with vim

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Jul 16 08:50, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
Robert Latest wrote:
Thanks folks, I didn't know about Ctrl-D. Of course that's all I'm gonna use now, because it is so Vim. One thing that I don't understand is that <Tab> indents eight spaces whereas Ctrl-D un-indents only four. I'll check on that. Actually I've got ":set sw=4" in my vimrc, maybe that has to do with it.
BTW the set backspace=indent,eol,start doesn't work for me.
WFM, but the behaviour is not identical to Ctrl-D. It doesn't use the shiftwidth for one thing.
English woman! English!

Stated differently, on some versions of vim on some OSes, after hitting return while in insert mode with autoindent on I am indented. Now I know of Ctl-d. Still on some machines backspace backspaces and goes backward and on other machines, OSes, etc. while in vim and after hitting return in input mode after indenting by a tab, backspace does nothing but beep at me! This is yet another reason why I prefer Emacs over vi or vim.

I must say, Unix/Linux or other such OSes, I have experienced the most times when hitting the frigging backspace space rarely goes backward by one character! Solaris/Sun's OSes are the worse culprit. Most Linux'es and Cygwin seem to "Do the right thing" most of the times. Rarely does backspace not perform a backspace on Windows.

You dudes/dudettes need to get your S together WRT the frigging backspace key! How frigging hard is it?
Andrew DeFaria <>
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