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Re: GDB build cannot find tkWinInt.h

Samuel Sparks wrote:

> Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. I'll try downloading the gdb
> tarball, but I'd really like to understand what I am doing wrong here
> - this seems like it should be simple enough (just need to have the
> proper include path or header files).

Probably because you have a mutant configuration: a source tree with the
insight dirs present, but insight disabled.  That or you are also
missing the in-tree tcltk.  I think using the source package from setup
is what's confusing you, because the source packages mirror the layout
of the binary packages which are split into "gdb+insight" and "tcltk",
however the source tree is actually represented by (and must be built
as) "gdb" and "insight+tcltk".  If you want to build insight then you
must have everything combined into the same tree, and that is what you
will get if you check out the "insight" cvs module, or grab an insight
source tarball, but apparently not what you get if you use the source


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