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Re: un-indenting doesn't work with vim

Matt Wozniski wrote:
On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 1:45 AM, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
Corinna Vinschen wrote:
WFM, but the behaviour is not identical to Ctrl-D. It doesn't use the shiftwidth for one thing.
English woman! English!
Huh? Your response make no sense!
Stated differently, on some versions of vim on some OSes, after hitting return while in insert mode with autoindent on I am indented. Now I know of Ctl-d. Still on some machines backspace backspaces and goes backward and on other machines, OSes, etc. while in vim and after hitting return in input mode after indenting by a tab, backspace does nothing but beep at me! This is yet another reason why I prefer Emacs over vi or vim.
Stated differently, if you didn't understand what Corinna said, you should have looked it up.
Looked what up? I understand every word she said. What I didn't understand was the thought she was trying to convey.
I must say, Unix/Linux or other such OSes, I have experienced the most times when hitting the frigging backspace space rarely goes backward by one character! Solaris/Sun's OSes are the worse culprit. Most Linux'es and Cygwin seem to "Do the right thing" most of the times. Rarely does backspace not perform a backspace on Windows.

You dudes/dudettes need to get your S together WRT the frigging backspace key! How frigging hard is it?
Not very hard if you take the time to learn a bit about terminals. <BS> on a UNIX keyboard either sends ^? or ^H.
You apparently ain't getting it! It is only in Unix that often the backspace key does not perform the function of moving backward a space and deleting the previously character. I have never, I repeat never had backspace not do a back space except under Unix - have you?
If you have "set backspace=indent,eol,start" (or, equivalently, "set backspace=2") in your ~/.vimrc, vim will correctly delete over automatically inserted indentation when it recognizes that you've pressed the backspace key.
Yes, except I put that in my ~/.vimrc and hitting backspace doesn't do that.
This option wasn't in the original vi, which can't be made to delete over indentation. It's not turned on by default in vim, either, because vim aims for vi compatibility out of the box, and assumes that if you want vim behaviors rather than vi behaviors, then you know what those behaviors are and can take the time to figure out how to turn them on.
Great. What exactly turns them on? Because putting set backspace=indent,eol,start didn't do it.
OTOH, if vim isn't recognizing your piece-of-plastic backspace key as sending the backspace code it expects, be it ^? or ^H, then your terminfo on the server is wrong for the terminal you connect to it with, and one needs to be reconfigured for the correct backspace info.
Backspace backspaces on the bash command line, it just doesn't function to backspace past an autoindent.
Either way, the problem is with your setup, not a fundamental flaw with the way the developers have designed things.
The mere fact that vim has things like fixdel points to the fundamental flaw that I was alluding to and that is that it often doesn't work in Unix thus requiring kludges like fixdel. In fact it was spoke about here on this very list
It's no one's problem but your own if you won't take the time to learn about things you don't understand.
I've done more research, learning and understanding in my life than you can imagine. I'm not the only one who is confused and fighting this problem. Do a little bit of research on your own and you'll quickly realize that many, many people struggle with how inconsistently and confusingly the backspace key is handled. Indeed having two definitions for one key is fundamentally flawed. Having backspace work at the command line but not in the editor is fundamentally flawed. Having it work at the command line but screwing up when you do a search in more(1) is bad. Having it not work when you're typing in a password is bad. This treating of backspace differently by various programs and not having it do what the word on the keycap states is broken - period!

Seems like my problem was I had a set t_kb=^? in my .vimrc as well as the aforementioned fixdel. Indeed the mere fact that I included such things in my .vimrc indicate that I was having problems with backspace not doing a backspace. I assume that the ^? isn't the two characters ^ and ? and I forget how to generate that anymore. In any event I found which says to do "execute 'set t_kb=' . nr2char(8)". This seems to be working now.
Andrew DeFaria <>
COFFEE.EXE Missing - Insert Cup and Press Any Key

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