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Re: Build DLLs for windows

Yes, i already used the -mno-cygwin option using the cygwin gcc, but
it produces a lot of errors when linking errors against a library
(openssl), and if i use the mingw gcc, it can't find the library.
Since i compiled that using the cygwin.

There is a nice tutorial here

I still have issues building a .dll as output, as well it's .def file,
i don't know if the gcc can produce that, or if I have to use an
external tool for generating those.

As far as I understand, using the mingw gcc I could produce more
friendly code than using the -mno-cygwin parameter. Is that right?
Since cygwin gcc doesn't have the -lsdc++.

I just would like to have a cygwin interface-like (use tool-binaries
like ls, and other unix stuff) but having a native windows binary so
i'm a bit confuse what way should I take.

Thanks for your help


On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 2:04 PM, Ken Jackson <> wrote:
> Not sure about .LIB and DLL, but to compile an executable that
> will run without cygwin1.dll, use this switch:  -mno-cygwin
> -Ken Jackson
> Douglas Gemignani writes:
>  > I read that i would need to use the cygwin1.dll, but I don't
>  > understand how. I hope I can find some guidance here!
>  >
>  > Thanks!
>  > []s
>  > Douglas
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