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colons in Cygwin (was Re: make-3.81-3 (ITA??))

The below message was originally, inappropriately sent to cygwin-apps. Although cgf has no interest in spending his time on answering my questions, I thought I'd solicit the opinions of any package maintainer who is interested.


==== original message begins =======

I didn't mean for anyone (especially the package maintainer) to infer
that make wasn't being actively supported.  My apologies for any

I'm very interested in your opinions on colons in paths.  I'd prefer to
hear directly what they are, to avoid any misunderstanding that might
arise from me trying to glean them from the archives.

Questions I have in particular:
1. what are your thoughts on POSIX support for colons in paths?
2. what are your thoughts on Cygwin's existing support for DOS paths?

Thanks in advance.


Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 04:51:02PM -0700, Rob Walker wrote:

I'd like to get make updated to accept paths with colons on Cygwin.  The
patch that enables this behavior has been available and in fairly wide use
for almost 2 years.

I've read  I've followed the instructions up
to "Updating a Package", which seems to imply that only package owners can
update a package.

How does a non-package owner go about updating a package?  Who's the
current make package owner?  Is make available for adoption?

The last update to make was in January of this year so it is obviously being actively supported.

Make is supported by me and I've made my opinions on the matter of
colons clear.  When there is a new release of make, I'll make a new
cygwin release available.  If the new release handles colons
transparently I won't actively break the patch but it won't be actively
supported either, i.e., I won't respond to bug reports on it.

This isn't really open for discussion so please don't send an
impassioned plea.  It isn't appropriate for this list and it has been
discussed to death on the Cygwin list.


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