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Re: How to run a bash shell script from cygwin console

akarui wrote:
> Here from the output, I see that "cd", "pwd" and "ls" worked fine. But the
> console prompt is not yet changed, means, "cd" didn't permanently changed
> the directory, 'cause I get "pwd" as below:
> /****************
> $ pwd
> /cygdrive/d
> ****************/
> Note that, I like to have the console's prompt changed to "/soapui", where
> I'll run a program named "testrunner.bat" later.

BASH runs scripts in a sub-shell, and changes made to the environment
in the sub-shell do not propagate to the parent shell. To run a script
in the current shell so it can change your environment, call it as `.
yourscript` instead of just `yourscript`. AFAIK there's nothing that
you can put in the script to make it do this all the time.

-- Sam Hanes
elemecca AT gmail DOT com

Freedom is a heavy load, a great and strange burden for the spirit to
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- Ursula K. Le Guin; The Tombs of Atuan

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