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Re: colons in Cygwin (was Re: make-3.81-3 (ITA??))

Reini Urban wrote:
Rob Walker schrieb:
I didn't mean for anyone (especially the package maintainer) to infer
that make wasn't being actively supported.  My apologies for any

I'm very interested in your opinions on colons in paths.  I'd prefer to
hear directly what they are, to avoid any misunderstanding that might
arise from me trying to glean them from the archives.

Questions I have in particular:
1. what are your thoughts on POSIX support for colons in paths?

Colons in filenames are fine and will be supported with cygwin-1.7.
But c:/ it will not map to the root of some c drive, it will map to the
subdir "c:"
For now we had to use managed mounts for such names, soon we will be
able to see readable names.

[RGW] This is interesting news to me. This would break the planned GNU make support for MSDOS paths under Cygwin, wouldn't it? On which Windows filesystems will this be useful? In other words, where might one see a directory named "c:" on a Windows box?

2. what are your thoughts on Cygwin's existing support for DOS paths?

Why should we? For mingw builds use MSYS, for cygwin use cygwin.
Don't mix what does not fit together.
[RGW] Usefulness is a reason I can offer. For what it's worth, I think that Cygwin fits very nicely Windows and other Windows tools.


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