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Re: colons in Cygwin (was Re: make-3.81-3 (ITA??))

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Jul 17 16:54, Rob Walker wrote:
Reini Urban wrote:
Colons in filenames are fine and will be supported with cygwin-1.7.
But c:/ it will not map to the root of some c drive, it will map to the
subdir "c:"
For now we had to use managed mounts for such names, soon we will be
able to see readable names.

[RGW] This is interesting news to me. This would break the planned GNU
make support for MSDOS paths under Cygwin, wouldn't it? On which Windows
filesystems will this be useful? In other words, where might one see a
directory named "c:" on a Windows box?

Cygwin is a POSIX emulation layer in the first place. That's what we
are committed to in the first place. Why would you want to use Win32
paths in a POSIX environment, except as parameter to native Win32 tools?

[RGW] This is exactly what I want it for. Thing is, I don't want to know ahead of time whether the tool is Cygwin or not. I'm counting on a small amount of interoperability. More below...

For dependency tracking in make there's no good reason to use the Win32

[RGW] I respect your opinion. Let me offer mine: I think several people have offered good reasons before on this list. Our opinions aside: the reasons offered were good enough for the developers of make to offer this functionality in the mainline.

You can just as well use the POSIX equivalent. If you have to
convert between paths, there's the cygpath tool.

[RGW] Yes, such a beast would be possible to construct, but it would be horribly inefficient. I'd be wrapping every file parameter to every command with a call to cygpath. It may be hard for you to imagine why I'd object to this, though, so here's some background: our make system is quite large, and much the content of the makefiles is auto-generated. We use it to compile or cross-compile some 30 flavors of our product, using a fairly even mixture of Windows and Cygwin tools. The makefile generators are of the same even mix (e.g. we use compilers to generate .dep files).

The exact same make system is used to compile and cross compile on Linux, MacOS, and NetBSD. The system works very well, with very few complaints from my team, our customers, and others who have used it. One of the most often heard complaints is that it's slow on Cygwin (because of the cost of exec).


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