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Re: Control-c of a bat file does not kill commands run by bat file in some cases

Hugh Sasse wrote:

> to see what these things are.  I think stty -a should suffice
> to tell you what "intr" is.  Or, in other words, you may have
> to hit something other than <ctrl-C> to kill things, unless you
> reset it with stty.

That logic is faulty because stty is a Cygwin program.  When connected
to a pty it will therefore correctly know how to interpret and output
the settings of the slave end of the pty.  And Cygwin programs when run
in a pty will correctly respond to SIGINT.  The problem is that you're
not talking about a Cygwin program, you're talking about a native win32
program which has no concept of what a pty is and just thinks its
running as a detached process with no console and a pipe for stdin.  Or
in other words, it's irrelevant what stty reports that "intr" is set to,
correct or not, because that only applies to pty-aware apps.


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