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Re: tcpdump package

mwade wrote:

I am pretty new to cygwin.  I am looking for a tcpdump package and from the
cygwin package page ( there does not appear
to be one.  Is this just the page maintained by Cygwin?  Can you use other
sources apps like with Linux and if so is that documented somewhere?  I
looked at the FAQ and found how to install new packages by going throught
the install process again.

For tcpdump, Google is your friend:


As for your question about Cygwin packages more generally,
<> is the search interface to all existing
packages that are part of the distribution.  There are others that have
been known to provide packages for Cygwin, sometimes even in 'setup.exe'
package form.  The latter can be installed via 'setup.exe' by simply adding
the path to the external repository at the page where you select Cygwin
mirrors (you can select up to 4 mirrors).  You'll have to Google around
to find if any particular package you're interested in is available
externally.  If that fails you, you always have the option of downloading
the source for the package in question and building it.  Obviously, this
assumes you've installed the necessary packages for building it (likely,
gcc, binutils, etc) and any dependent libs.

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