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Mapping of Windows Domains?

I've posted on this problem before
( but now have a better
idea of what's going wrong. (I haven't supplied "cygcheck" output as my question
is generic.)

Our Unix file server uses the TAS program to deliver files via SMB to Windows
clients. Up to CygWin 1.5.18-1 this worked just fine. All versions of CygWin
since then give "permission denied" when trying to read these files. Changing
CygWin options (e.g. "nontsec", "nontea", "nosmbntsec", "notraverse") doesn't
help. Trying to set domain details in /etc/passwd doesn't help. I think the
problem is that CygWin after 1.5.18-1 got a lot stricter about checking domains
when checking permissions.

It turns out that these files are being served up with a fake domain name "D1"
(because our Unix server isn't part of a Windows domain). When I log in I am
authenticated against a real domain "D2". As a result, "D2\kjt" cannot access
files whose permissions are set for "D1\kjt". There doesn't seem to be any way
of influencing the choice of fake domain name "D1", so I need a client-side

Is there any way to get CygWin or Windows to map domains (e.g. to treat "D1" as
equivalent to "D2")? Thanks!

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