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Re: screen is not dead?

> And so I settled for the self-conclusion
> that this was a 'dead' package, waiting for someone to look at...

No, the package is not dead.  Cygwin has the latest release, version 4.0.3, and
I'm not aware of any current problem reports on it.
> So, can you tell me if these hanging problems were after all fixed,
> and I'm the only one with them? Or is this just a matter of luck,
> because I've now seen some mails of people talking so good of this
> cygwin package...?

It's true that there used to be a lot of bug reports about screen in Cygwin.
Most of them had to do with reattaches failing.

When I put the package out last year, I rounded up and included all of the
available patches to address such problems.  Meanwhile, Cygwin has continued to
mature.  Whatever the reason, since the package came out I've only seen one
problem report, which had something to do with permissions on socket files,
IIRC.  I believe it got at least partially fixed by the end of the thread.

Why don't you <ahem> try it yourself?  The worst that will happen is that you'll
have some hung processes that you'll have to kill.  Please post any problem
reports to this list.


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