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Re: xmgrace


Jorg Kewisch wrote:
> I have been using the plot program xmgrace (package grace) for a long
> time, and it has stopped working (tested with 3 cygwin from-scratch
> installations )
> Symptoms:
> x-server is running
> xterm is running
> xclock produces clock
> xmgrace exits immediately without any window or error message
> strace xmgrace produces pop-up with title: 16 bit ms-dos subsystem
> contents:
> xterm
> The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
> CS:0607 IP:fffe OP:fefe 00 00 00
> close - ignore
> can you help? Or tell me where to get the source so I can debug it myself?

You are trying to start xmgrace from outside a cygwin environment, i.e.
it does not know about cygwin softlinks.

To confirm if I'm guessing right try this (only works from a cygwin

$ ls -l `which xmgrace`

Otherwise provide more info about the problem.


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