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Re: issues compiling and migrating exe / dll files

Scott Thompson wrote:
Hi all. I'm trying to do the following and running into some problems:

1. Install cygwin on a host computer (works).
2. Compile a set of binaries and dll's using gcc/make (works).
3. Sanity check that the binaries actually run and execute properly (works).
4. Zip the compiled binaries and dlls, then unzip on a different cygwin install (works).
5. Run the compiled binaries (some of which use the dll's) (does not work on some systems).

What does 'cygcheck <foo>' on the target system in the context in which <foo> should be run say, where <foo> is your executable? If this doesn't point at a missing DLL, you can do 'echo $?' after running the executable in question and get some insight as to why it's failing. Also, it's worthwhile looking at the output of 'cygcheck -s -r -v' on both the original and target system to look for important differences.

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