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Re: group = (2**32-1) = 4294967295

Linda Walsh wrote:
stem account maybe?
Otherwise, shouldn't it show SYSTEM as the group?

But SYSTEM as a group shows '18' in my /etc/group file, not "-1"
Seems like some of these files (perhaps the installer is trying to use
the the TrustedInstaller Credentials you mention, but since this is an
XP machine, it doesn't exist?  Uh...weird.
	I have a bunch of files that seem to be owned by group "-1" --
in each case I've looked at so far, they have me and 'SYSTEM' in the access list.
For some reason, though, SYSTEM isn't being used for the gid field...

This may have something to do with me upgrading my machine to SP3 over the weekend.
Most things seem to work ok, but now I'm noticing alot of files with the weirdly
owned group -- all over the place -- like anywhere that I haven't explicitly set
the GID to the Administrators or the None group -- basically it's like
the GID is attempting to return -1, I'm guessing, which is an error somewhere.

I could go through and chgrp all of them, but I might be causing some other problem or
just hiding whatever this is that's going on -- I'll bet it has to do with some
partial security addition to SP3 (that has some similar effect as in Vista)...

It's not causing any problems, really, other than in display.  I suppose I could
manually add "4294967295" as another type of system account, though I'm guessing
'None' would be more accurate.  (though I think I already have a group named None...

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