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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: OpenSSH-5.1p1-6 (-7)

On 07 Nov 2008 12:00:56 +0100, Corinna Vinschen wrote:   
> This is a bugfix release which fixes a bug in the ssh-host-config script
> which stumbles over user names with a substring of "ssh" in them and
> thinks that ssh processes are still running.

Is the intent now to catch only processes named 'sshd'?  If so, the
current "grep -q 'sshd*$'" may still be a little too loose.  For example, 
it could match stuff like "/home/user/flosshdd".  Ok, maybe not likely, 
but still it would cause the script to end in an error.

Assuming we can depend on "ps -ef" always printing full path names without 
any arguments, then "grep -q '/sshd$'" might do the trick.  Is there any
reason to catch multiple trailing d's?

If a more loose matching scheme is really desired, it might be helpful to 
print out the matching ps lines before generating the error (just so
that it's more obvious to the user as to what is going on).

Sorry if this is too nit-picky.  I just happened to notice it when I was
looking at other stuff.


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