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Re: Cygwin Everyone group permissions and Vista "shared files" (*not* shared folders)

Corinna Vinschen-2 wrote:
> On Sep 29 18:52, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> The real answer is:  It can't be prevented and there are no plans to add
> code to prevent it, since these read permissions are required to get
> POSIX-like permissions.

I'm not sure I follow. Does this mean there are no plans to support
Windows Vista and every future release of Windows by extension? Are the 
Cygwin devs at least aware of the serious problems with manipulating files 
created by Cygwin (with share attributes) inside Vista's explorer? 

Every file with these share attributes take 1000's of times longer to
because of their shared-ness-- this seems like an issue that should be
into for a project whose primary mission is Windows interoperability. Any
issue with Cygwin should be considered a Cygwin issue by extension,
serious usability issues like the above.

Now for the constructive part of my post: Is the following suggestion from 
another thread on this issue not feasible to implement?

Specifically, "I suggested that Cygwin changes it's
attribute handling to leave out the local/None and Everyone groups
completely, whenever they have no access permissions."

What is the technical problem with implementing that for Vista? Does
this break POSIX permissions? I would think that it's a reasonable
suggestion, but I'm no expert on Cygwin. It would be nice to actually
have this option looked into, and maybe come up with another plan.
Cygwin will not get any easier to use for Vista and future Windows 7
users if the problem is not fixed at some point in time (I don't consider
dropping UNIX/POSIX permissions with `nontsec`/`noacl` to be a "fix").

- Charles
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