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Re: Question Regarding Known_Hosts file

On 11/10/2008, Andy Molina wrote:
Well I'm trying to completely get rid of the services and all from the Vista box, I have XP on the new one. And I've tried changing the permissions under Vista on the Security tab, but when I go to hit Apply/OK it tells me that I'm unable to because I don't have permission even though I'm on the Administrator account. There are three users on the security tab listed: All, Unknown Account, and None. All and None have only the Read right, and Unknown Account has the full control right but I'm not sure what the Unknown Account is or how to access it. Anything I try to do with the file is denied. Rename it, move it, delete it, you name it and it'll get denied.

Changing/adding permissions is not the same as taking ownership. I suppose it's always possible that in Vista's myriad of variants, some don't allow access (no pun intended) to this facility. Check under "Properties", "Security", "Advanced", "Owner", "Edit...". That should get you far enough for you to accomplish this task.

As you may know, being Administrator on Vista does not mean you have
special permissions beyond that of a regular user if UAC is on.  Either
turn that off or make sure you "run as" Administrator.  Either option
will get you elevated administrator permissions.

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