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Re: cygwin 1.5.25-15: cwrsync 2.1.3 "hangs" when 80 mb of 100 gb data network folder is to be transmitted

Evgeniy wrote:
At main office we have a data storage server

I use rsync to move files between and within Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD machines. All are running sshd. I create a "dpchrist" account on each machine, create ssh DSA keys for each account, and copy the public keys to the authorized_keys files on all machines. Once I log into any one machine, I can ssh into any other without passwords, pass phrases, etc.. Not having to enter pass phrases means that I can script rsync, etc., over ssh and not have to be there when the script runs. Note that some would say this approach is a security risk. YMMV

Scripts on my machines put backup images into various folders. Permissions are set accordingly.

I have a Windows XP Pro SP3/ Cygwin machine with a USB hard drive connected as drive Q: that is the destination for all backup images for all machines. A script on my XP machine uses Cygwin rsync to copy the backup images from the other machines to the USB drive. For example, pulling in daily backup tarballs from my FreeBSD CVS server:

/usr/bin/rsync -rt --ignore-existing --stats dpchrist@p3800:/backup/p3800/ /cygdrive/q/backup/p3800/

Looking at your Cygwin rsync incantation:

rsync -Wvrt --ignore-existing --progress -e "ssh.exe -i C:\id_dsa" user@mainoffice:/x/ /cygdrive/z/

Always use absolute paths for tools; don't rely on $PATH. cron will thank you.

I tend to avoid -W, especially over a network.

-v and --progress are nice while troubleshooting, but I remove them once things are working.

-r and -t are wonderful. :-)

--ignore-existing can be a mixed blessing. Windows Media Player and Access seem to change files merely for opening them, even if you I don't make changes. This option saves wasted effort. But, I need to put those files into a separate directory because of the different rsync policy. A related issue is mtime resolution on Unix, NTFS, and FAT32 file systems.

I think you can avoid -e by using ssh keys without pass phrases in default locations:

-e "ssh.exe -i C:\id_dsa"

Your source and destination directories make me wonder -- they look like filesystem roots. If so, that could be your problem. The only time I rsync filesystem roots is when I'm on XP and I want to copy a decommissioned C: drive image to another drive manually. Everything scripted is in non-root directories.

Another possible problem could be that you have a 4 GB+ file -- take a look.



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