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HELP ... Get me out of here !!!

In the past several years, I have both subscribed and unsubscribed to "" mailing list without any problems. For this last cycle, the incoming mail from cygwin users after an unsubscribed action has been greatly reduced. However today, I have received 27 mail messages from cygwin@cygwin. Why/how is this happening?

If anyone knows what I should do next please email me. I've been unsubscribed since this past April.

-Paul McFerrin

Christopher Faylor wrote:
Yesterday, Yaakov released a new version of X for Cygwin, rectifying a
long-standing problem in the Cygwin distribution.

He was amazingly diligent in making sure that his upgrade did not break
the Cygwin distribution.  His new packages are laid out in a more
sensical fashion and attempt to rigorously provide a seamless upgrade
experience.  It was impressive to see how hard he worked to make things

In addition to that, I know that he knows full well that there will be
lots of email from lots of users who used the old versions and now are
confused by the modern installation.  There will undoubtedly be bugs and
there will undoubtedly be repeated reporting of the bugs to the cygwin
lists.  I know that he will be noting all of the problems and rectifying
them where he can.  I've seen him do this with the already impressive
list of packages that he maintains and I'm confident that he will bring
this level of committment to the new Xorg release.

I really want to commend Yaakov for what he has done here.  It is a
relief to have the X packaging sorted out and to have active maintainers
in the cygwin-xfree mailing list.  We've been without active participation
in this project for many years.

(Although if history replays itself Yaakov will soon get a job offer from
a X-on-Windows company)

Yaakov deserves 10 gold stars for what he has done here but I don't
think that's enough to thank him for his work.  If you agree with me you
might consider going to and donating
something to Yaakov in appreciation of all of his hard work both with
Cygwin/X and for the cygwinports project*.  I did that last week in
anticipation of Xorg release.  I hope you will consider doing something



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