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Re: Cygwin suddenly prohibitively slow (conflicts?)

Barnhart, Robert M. wrote:

I suspect a couple of things that might be affecting cygwin since yesterday:

1) I installed VMware Player 2.5.0 build-118166, but have not run it yet.
2) I loaded a VM image of about ~30GB onto my hard drive, but did not execute it.
3) Our company (SAIC) may be remotely installing Windows services, patches or even software IAW company policies. I can't necessarily  tell when this  is happening.

Are there any known problems with VMware and cygwin?

I'm using XP SP3 as my "host" machine and use vmWare Desktop (not player) to run lots of other OSen.

I do this to keep my host machine clean and I have only 3 or
4 apps like an editor and 7-zip running on the host machine.

I have a Cygwin 1.7 installation that lives on a USB key that
I use on the host machine occasionally. It works fine but
then again I have not updated it since last week.

I doubt that vmWare has much to do with this, but you might
want to see if there's any new anti-virus stuff running that
could be "checking" your files when they are being loaded...


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