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Re: sshd on vista error "initgroups: Permission denied" (cygwin-1.7)

On Nov 13 15:48, Herb Maeder wrote:
> Still, even with these drawbacks, something like this might be useful for
> us in ssh-host-config.  If the invoking shell is already elevated, things
> will pretty much work the way they do now.  But if it is invoked from a
> normal shell, the user would get prompted to elevate, and then the
> ssh-host-config queries and input would happen in a different cmd window.
> Not great, but still better than just exiting with an error (or, worse, 
> trying to continue with insufficient privileges).

Actually this isn't a ssh-host-config problem, but a generic problem
for all admin tasks.  Installing any service requires elevation, or
running in a Admin shell.  I'm not really convinced that we need it.
Admins running admin tasks should know that they need admin privileges.
What you're asking for is a convenience, not a necessity.

Having said that, if we want that I think the Vista elevation stuff
should go into csih, rather than ssh-host-config script, so all admin
scripts can use the functionality easily in the long run.

And I'm sure Charles wouldn't mind to get csih patches ;)


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