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RE: /usr/lib/xeleven replaced

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Matthew Woehlke
> Ian Puleston wrote:
> > PS, it you're wondering why "xeleven", the mailer daemon kept
> bouncing
> > previous attempts to send this with "X11" in the subject line.
> As the bounce message that you did not read attempted to tell you, this
> is the wrong mailing list. You want cygwin-xfree.

All the mailer daemon message (which I did read) says is "Sorry, your
message has been denied due to keywords found in your subject.  This is
probably due to an off-topic post". It took multiple trial and error
attempts changing things to try to work out what it was complaining about.

But see my message - it seems (strangely) that running dircolors caused the
problem. Dircolo9rs is not X11-related, the X11 directory obviously is, so
it's not obvious which is the relevant list to report it on. Since I'm not
subscribed to cygwin-xfree, this seemed like a reasonable place to try


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