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Re: 1.7 - noacl for cygdrive

On 11/15/2008, Richard Ivarson wrote:
> Corinna, thanks to your post I did that now, but unfortunately RSYNC >
still resets my NT permissions.
> Like Rob I use cygdrive paths.
> Rob, how did you manage to keep the NT permissions with your RSYNC? > >
For me it always sets own permissions, which then conflicts with my > >
originaly NT permissions. Do you have to specify any special RSYNC > >
> P.S. How can I see if my Cygwin has got version number "1.7" ?

I set up the destinations in the mount table.  I still have messed up
permissions.  The issues may be still lingering from before as I'm still
working on resetting permissions on 10TB of data...what fun.

Once the permissions are reset and I mount with the user,noacl,posix=0
things seem to work ok.

I would love to have a global option for noacl rather than forcing
everything to be set in fstab...or better yet, be able to override the
global /cygdrive.  For now, fstab it is.

Also, on rsync, make sure you aren't using the -p option to preserve

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