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Re: 1.7 - noacl for cygdrive

Rob Bosch schrieb:
I set up the destinations in the mount table.  I still have messed up
permissions.  The issues may be still lingering from before as I'm still
working on resetting permissions on 10TB of data...what fun.

Once the permissions are reset and I mount with the user,noacl,posix=0
things seem to work ok.

I would love to have a global option for noacl rather than forcing
everything to be set in fstab...or better yet, be able to override the
global /cygdrive.  For now, fstab it is.

Also, on rsync, make sure you aren't using the -p option to preserve

Rob, many thanks for your reply.
So it's not just me having massive problems with the NT permissions which are
being messed up by Cygwin tools like rsync. Actually most Cygwin users should
see these problems, I guess, because Windows 2000 and XP use NTFS.
I can't use rsync anymore, because the permissions of the destination are all wrong after rsync resets them... Oh what a pity!

The "-perms" (-p) option I don't use.

The fstab doesn't seem to work for me. You mentioned that you mount. How could I verify that my Cygwin does mount, too? Do you have to use a special
command in order to mount in Cygwin?
I just run a small bash script which uses rsync with the /cygdrive/c/ etc
drive syntax. Is this mounting?

Could you please post an example of how your fstab looks like? Thanks.
My Cygwin/etc/fstab looks like this:
    none /cygdrive cygdrive user,noacl,posix=0 0 0

But rsync still resets all my NT permissions.


P.S. In case this all works for Cygwin 1.7+ only, it won't work for me because a 'uname -r' reports "1.5.25(0.156/4/2)" so I guess I use Cygwin v1.5 ...

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