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Re: 1.7 - noacl for cygdrive

Richard Ivarson wrote:
Larry Hall (Cygwin) schrieb:
On 11/15/2008, Richard Ivarson wrote:
P.S. How can I see if my Cygwin has got version number "1.7" ?

'uname -r'

Larry, thanks for your help.

a 'uname -r' reports

I've run Setup.exe and the Cygwin programms should be the current ones.
Why do you have version 1.7 ?

Actually, I don't at the moment. And you do have the _current_, released version of the cygwin package. 1.7 is the unreleased version. If you want that, you install it with <>. If you have questions about whether you should be installing and running the unreleased version, then you shouldn't install it.

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