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Re: 1.7 - noacl for cygdrive

On 11/18/2008 7:18 AM, Richard Ivarson wrote:
So it's not just me having massive problems with the NT permissions which are being messed up by Cygwin tools like rsync. Actually most
Cygwin users should see these problems, I guess, because Windows 2000
and XP use NTFS. I can't use rsync anymore, because the permissions
of the destination are all wrong after rsync resets them... Oh what a

I use rsync all the time with Cygwin and don't have problems with permissions, because I set "nontsec" in the CYGWIN environment variable as necessary when I want the Windows permissions to be used.

For example, if I'm copying from a remote server to my local server, I'd do this:

% CYGWIN=nontsec rsync -r remote:/path .

If I'm copying to a remote Cygwin box and I want to use the default permissions on the remote box, I use this:

% rsync -r --rsync-path="CYGWIN=nontsec rsync" ./ remote:/path

The "-perms" (-p) option I don't use.

Another option that can be useful is the --chmod option in rsync. I use this with --perms when I'm copying from a Cygwin box to a unix box. (You don't want to use "nontsec" if you use this.)

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