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Re: rsync 3.0.4 over ssh hanging on cygwin 1.7

Hi there,

On Wed, 19 Nov 2008 Fred Kemp wrote:

> ... Unfortunately our data files are frequently in the 3-4Gb range
> so it sounds like SFU is unlikely to be an option either.
> Would like to persist with cygwin as we use it for some of our
> proteomics tools. I guess I'll have to ditch the security and try
> rsyncd (just as soon as I can get on the client machines and add yet
> another exception to the Windoze firewall) ^ unless anyone else has
> any thoughts or suggestions?

We use OpenVPN to provide network level security in a backup system
which is superficially similar to yours.

Typically we're backing up about a hundred GBytes.  Even if it takes a
couple of months for the process to complete (which can happen if the
users are especially, er, well, willful:) rsync doesn't give problems.
Can't say the same for OpenVPN unfortunately but a watchdog fixes that.
We're still using cygwin 1.5.



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