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Re: 1.7 - noacl for cygdrive

Christopher Faylor schrieb:

On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 08:35:04AM -0700, Rob Bosch wrote:
Rob, many thanks for your reply.
So it's not just me having massive problems with the NT permissions which
being messed up by Cygwin tools like rsync. Actually most Cygwin users
see these problems, I guess, because Windows 2000 and XP use NTFS.
I can't use rsync anymore, because the permissions of the destination are
all wrong after rsync resets them... Oh what a pity!

Rsync will work fine with 1.5.25. Just set the global NTSEC (see You have to set this
variable in your system environment so that any process spawned gets it,
especially if you are running rsync as a service. If you are scripting it,
add it in your cmd file.

ntsec is the *default* and has been for some time. There is no reason to set it.

Yes, Rob meant for us RSYNC users: set CYGWIN=NONTSEC
... because NTSEC (the default) causes much trouble with the NT permissions on RSYNC'ed files. A web search shows that _many_ people run into these problems. So maybe for RSYNC the default NTSEC isn't a good idea. I'm on edge how Cygwin 1.7 solves or rather handles this problem.


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