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Re: python package missing _sqlite3.dll in /usr/lib/python2.5/sqlite3

Tim Hoel wrote:
But when I did "import sqlite3", I got the following error:

ImportError: No module named _sqlite3

I thought this was fixed 2 months ago:

Cygwin's Python currently links to SQLite statically, but from that thread, this doesn't seem to be a problem.

If it turns out that you really do need a dynamic library to make pysqlite happy, that's probably something the Cygwin Python maintainer, Jason Tishler, needs to take care of. My SQLite packages for Cygwin include both static and dynamic libraries, it's just that Cygwin's Python doesn't know how to build against the dynamic ones yet.

It'd be best if Python and SQLite can remain separate, with Python modules building against the standard SQLite package files. I'd hate to see a separate distribution of SQLite included with Python. There's not enough maintainer bandwidth to go around even without wasting it on duplicate packaging like that.

Using cygwin setup again, I installed sqlite3 src (3.6.2-1-src), and tried to build pysqlite. I did run into one build problem because this version of sqlite3 does not have an entry for sqlite3_enable_load_extension().

I'll see about enabling that in the next build of the SQLite packages. It might not be possible, as it might use dlopen(), rather than LoadLibrary().

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