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Run OpenSSH service with Local System Account

Hi All,

Sorry i hit the send button by mistake before I finished the last
mail. This is my
full question.

I am wondering if there is a way to run the Cygwin OpenSSH service as
Local System Account in Windows 2003 and 2008 instead of the
cyg_server account created during the setup.   I am using
Cygwin+OpenSSH on the Windows test server and I remotely execute
automation testing script from a linux box. However the program
running on the Windows server is a Windows GUI based program and has some
dialog box pop up at some time during the test.  Since running the SSH
service with cyg_server account does not allow the program to interact
with desktop, the test program will stop in the middle of the
automation test.   If it allow me to running the SSH service with
Local System Account, I can enable the "allow the service to interact
with desktop" option and my problem should be solved.    I understand
there is purpose to create an account with special privileges as the
setup says:

"*** Info: You appear to be running Windows 2003 Server or later.  On 2003 and
*** Info: later systems, it's not possible to use the LocalSystem account
*** Info: for services that can change the user id without an explicit password
*** Info: (such as passwordless logins [e.g. public key
authentication] via sshd).

*** Info: If you want to enable that functionality, it's required to
create a new
*** Info: account with special privileges (unless a similar account
already exists).
*** Info: This account is then used to run these special servers.

it say if I want to enable that functionality i need create one....
but I really don't care any security, password..
so I answer no to that question and installed the open ssh with local
system account  and the service can run
but the client can not log into the system.

Is there any configuration I can poke around to make it work with
local system account?

Thanks a lot!


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