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Re: trouble running Apache 1.3.33-2 as a service

David Christensen wrote:

> I have a fresh install of Cygwin on Windows XP Professional SP3,
> including Apache.
> I have created a Windows account "www" and updated /etc/passwd:
> $ mkpasswd -l | grep www >> /etc/passwd

This is usually done with "mkpasswd -l -u www >> /etc/passwd" and making
sure you don't already have a line for that user.

> I have edited /etc/apache/httpd.conf:
> 324c324
> < #User nobody
> ---
>> User www

Danger Will Robinson! Windows requires certain privileges for a user to
be able to change a process owner... I would do things different: use
cygrunsrv to start Apache as user www, and comment out the User config
line (as it was originally).

> I can successfully start Apache via apachectl:

This is really not interesting... you need it running as a Windows service.

> $ apachectl start
> /usr/sbin/apachectl start: httpd started
> "apachectl status" does not work, even if I attempt to enable it in
> httpd.conf:

You have to configure Apache to enable this option.

> "apachectl stop" does not stop Apache, and displays a mangled error
> message:
> $ apachectl stop
> ?) not runninghectl stop: httpd (pid 2628
> I can kill Apache if I choose the right PID:
> $ ps -a | grep httpd
>      2628       1    2628       2628    0  500 21:21:48 /usr/sbin/httpd
>      1984    2628    2628       1984    0  500 21:35:40 /usr/sbin/httpd
>      3956       0       0       3956    0  500   Dec 31 /usr/sbin/httpd
> $ kill 2628
> I would like to have Apache automatically start at system boot and stop
> and system shutdown, and have attempted to follow the instructions given
> in:
>     /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/apache-1.3.33.README
> I installed Apache as follows:
>    $ cygrunsrv.exe -I httpd -d "CYGWIN httpd" -p /usr/sbin/httpd -a -F

As I said before, I would add the "-u www" option at least, probably "-s
? -y tcpip -o" (I don't remember which signals are used with Apache).
You are using -F with Apache, is that "foreground"? I prefer to run
daemons as daemons using "-x /path/to/".

> "Services" shows:
> 	Name:			CYGWIN httpd
> 	Description:	<blank>
> 	Status:		<blank>
> 	Startup Type:	automatic
> 	Log on as:		Local System

Use "cygrunsrv -VQ httpd", is Account LocalSystem? or it has a space
like you show?

> Attempting to start the service:

I might be wrong since I don't use Apache under Cygwin, but I would try
w/o the change of owner.
René Berber

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