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Unable to read configuration files xmgrace and nedit

Recently when starting nedit or xmgrace (N.B. both use motif/lesstiff) I now get
a flurry of messages of the form:

Warning: translation table syntax error: Unknown keysym name: osfActivate
Warning: ... found while parsing ':<Key>osfActivate: ManagerParentActivate()'
Warning: String to TranslationTable conversion encountered errors
Warning: translation table syntax error: Unknown keysym name: osfBeginLine

What generates these messages? What are the relevant files? Nedit is broken as a result
and cannot be used.

I have been updating the cygwin installation on a regular basis, but these messages has just
recently appeared

I reinstalled the Cygwin lesstif, xmgrace, and nedit packages to no avail.

Next I rebuilt nedit from source code. It runs without generating these messages,
but now I get a warning that I have built the program using an unstable motif version
i.e. the current cygwin lesstif package...




Dr. Charles L. Werner
Gamma Remote Sensing AG
Worbstr. 225
CH-3073 Gümligen, Switzerland

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