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Re: OT: SpamAssassin failures

I would be happy to oblige if you would either answer my request, or provide an off-list method of communication. The only allowed method of communication is email, and that method is blocked. A private message to me rendering a bit of assistance would go a long way further than a snotty public response.

Since I do not wish to provoke the gods needlessly, this shall be my last message on this topic on this list.

If anyone else has a suggestion on how to get SpamAssassin to update its cache (or whatever action is running to block my messages) I would appreciate a (private) message.

If any of the Cygwin gods would provide me with a way to communicate with you off-list so that we could resolve this problem, I would appreciate it.



--- On Tue, 11/25/08, Christopher Faylor <> wrote:

> From: Christopher Faylor <>
> Subject: Re: OT: SpamAssassin failures
> To:
> Cc:
> Date: Tuesday, November 25, 2008, 8:18 PM
> On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 03:32:37PM -0800, Allan Schrum
> wrote:
> >I'm sorry for disturbing the mailing list, but
> SpamAssassin has marked
> >my company's server as a spammer.  This was because
> our ISP failed to
> >respond to the DNSBL's requests, so it was black
> listed.  I corrected
> >this problem and I am working on getting my ISP to be
> more responsive,
> >but I am frustrated by SpamAssassin which seems to
> cache old entries.
> >Christopher Faylor responded that he needed more
> information, so I
> >responded to his request.
> >
> >Guess what?  My response was blocked by SpamAssassin. 
> Since the Cygwin
> >web site offers no other method of communication except
> email, this
> >left me with a problem.  I am solving that problem by
> disturbing this
> >list.  Sorry.
> So, you can't send email to a mailing list and the
> logic is to send a
> complaint to an unrelated mailing list?
> This is off-topic here.  Persist in sending email here and
> you really
> will be on a blacklist.


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