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RE: trouble running Apache 1.3.33-2 as a service

René Berber wrote:
> You didn't read the part about "cygrunsrv -u www -y tcpip ...", i.e.
> install the service to run as user www.

I read it, but thought I'd exhaust RTFM first.  I'll keep your approach
in mind for future reference.

> BTW if you run Apache manually (as your tests show) and you are using
> a different user (different than www), then you'll create logs and
> .pid files that won't be accessible to user www, Apache will fail to
> open those logs, .pid file, etc.  So, you have to clean up your mess.

The final clue!  The remaining steps were:

1.  Set "User" to "www" in /etc/apache/httpd.conf.

2.  Reboot or kill Apache.  /var/run/ goes away by itself.

3.  Move aside /var/log/apache/*log.

4.  Start Apache as a service:

        $ net start httpd
        The CYGWIN httpd service is starting.
        The CYGWIN httpd service was started successfully.

5.  Make the CGI scripts world-readable and world-executable:

        $ chmod 0755 /var/www/cgi-bin/*

6.  Browse:






Thanks!  :-)


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