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Re: Magnetic tape tools

On Nov 25 15:25, Bruce Dobrin wrote:
>   It
> took over an hour to get to filemark 116 and all night to extract 6500
> files.  Much slower than on My Linux boxes (  which are not an option
> in this case). I haven't had to deal with MT in a long time,  is there
> a way to speed this up?  Could I Might it be faster to dd the whole
> (TByte) tape and untar later?  Are there any other tools I should
> concider? I'm hoping someone has had to do this recently and knows the
> secret
> Mt -f /dev/nst0 fsf 116
> Tar -xvb 1024 -f /dev/nst0

Speeding up the fsf command won't work, unfortunately.  Cygwin positions
the tape one filemark after the other.  This is the only way to position
the tape and to be able to keep track of all tape marks due to the
behaviour of the Win32 tape API when detecting set marks.

Speeding up tar might work.  What's the blocksize used on tape?  Make
sure that tar uses the same or a multiple of that.


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