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NT-Authority/System will be file owner after rsync restore


I try to backup WindowsXP as well as Vista to an Linux server.
I use backuppc as backup-server, cygwin as client environment and rsync for
The backup seems to work well but the restore not. The restored files will
have "NT-Authority/System" as new owner, independend from their old owner
or if the file not exist before restore.
My rsyncd.conf:
 max connections = 6
 log file = /var/log/backup-service.log
 read only = false
 write only = false
 transfer logging = no
 list = false
 max verbosity = 6
 address =

 path = /cygdrive/c/

The rsync arguments by backup (extracted from backuppc logfile):
Sending args:
--server --sender --numeric-ids --perms --owner --group -D
--links --hard-links --times --block-size=2048 --recursive --one-file-system --bwlimit=512

The rsync logfile from restore (extracted from backuppc logfile):
Sending args:
--server --numeric-ids --perms --super --owner --group -D
--links --hard-links --times --block-size=2048 --relative --ignore-times --recursive
Sending /etc/account.sav (remote=/account.sav) type = 0
  restore   700 4294967295/4294967295          47 /etc/account.sav
Done: 1 files, 47 bytes

Maybee the error based on the backup because
The rsync logfile from backupextracted from backuppc logfile):
Connected to module C
Sending args:
--server --sender --numeric-ids --perms --super --owner --group -D
--links --hard-links --times --block-size=2048 --recursive --one-file-system --bwlimit=512 -vv
 pool     700 4294967295/4294967295          47 etc/account.sav

I would believe that 4294967295/4294967295 is the uid/gid.

Thanks in advance
Don't panic

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