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rsync restore the file owner but rsyncd do it not

Hi all,

I want use rsync to backup a windows XP professional client to my linux server.
I've installed cygwin/rsync on windows and start with a local windows backup.

rsync -aA --super /cygdrive/c/bootfont.bin /cygdrive/c/backup
copies the file, but only the attributes "RA" and not "the original "RHSA".
rsync -aA --super /cygdrive/c/backup/bootfont.bin /cygdrive/c/data
restore the file as it was backed up. With the attributes "RA"

My first questions:
What the reason for not copying the attributes "HS"?
If I try "-X" I get an error "rsync: extended attributes are not supported on this client"

Than I install rsync as a windows service:
cygrunsrv -I rsyncd -e -n -t auto -p /bin/rsync -a "--daemon --no-detach --config=/etc/rsyncd.conf"
cygrunsrv -S rsyncd

...and try a local backup:
rsync -aA --super localhost::BACKUP/bootfont.bin /cygdrive/c/backup
copies the file, but also only the attributes "RA" and not "the original "RHSA".
and the appropriate restore:
rsync -aA --super /cygdrive/c/backup/bootfont.bin localhost::BACKUP
rsync: chown ".bootfont.bin.KYyS5D" (in BACKUP) failed: Invalid argument (22)

and the file will be restored with the owner of the rsyncd process:
ls -al shows - SYSTEM ????????
ls -an shows - 18 4294967295

bootfont.bin is originaly owned by:
ls -al shows - Administratoren ???????? (german XP ;-))
ls -an shows - 544 4294967295

The same behavior occurs with a file test.txt which is owned by:
ls -al shows - user mkgroup
ls -an shows - 1006 513

What is going wrong?
Don't panic

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