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Re: rsync restore the file owner but rsyncd do it not

Brian Dessent wrote:

> Matthias Meyer wrote:
>> My first questions:
>> What the reason for not copying the attributes "HS"?
> rsync is a POSIX program.  It sees everything in terms of POSIX.  That
> means it sees a file mode, such as 0644, 0755, etc.  It reads a mode on
> the source and sets that same mode on the dest, that is it.  It has no
> idea what H/S/R/A attributes mean or that they even exist.
> The A attribute gets set on the dest file simply because that is the
> default behavior when creating a file.  The R attribute gets set because
> Cygwin can map that bit easily onto the POSIX "u=w" mode bit, such that
> setting a mode like 0444 will cause R to be set and setting 0644 will
> cause R to be reset.  But S and H have no such easy mapping onto POSIX
> modes, so they aren't propagated.
>> If I try "-X" I get an error "rsync: extended attributes are not
>> supported on this client"
> Any EA support in rsync would most likely be some form of POSIX EA
> anyway, not R/H/S/A, so I don't think this really matters.
>> The same behavior occurs with a file test.txt which is owned by:
>> ls -al shows - user mkgroup
>> ls -an shows - 1006 513
> <>
> Brian

Thanks Brian!

It seems I had run "bin\mkgroup -l > etc\passwd" instead "bin\mkgroup -l >
Now it works.
It seems that rsync (or cygwin) set the process-owner as file-owner if it
can not find the uid/gid within /etc/passwd and /etc/group.

Now I will try the game from windows client to linux server and return.

Don't panic

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